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fix my cabin

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Today my good friend and neighbour came over and we worked on the fence!

Getting the vertical boards purchased, stained, and attached before winter wasn’t looking achievable. Instead we screwed on the horizontal boards connecting the fence posts and used the chicken wire I had used previously for a different project.

I am so impressed with the look I may not even get the boards!

fence posts

YEs, it really did happen. I now have the fence posts in. Now I need to make some calls to find some rough cut lumber. Now that we’re heading down September’s road I better hurry up, before the snow flies.


Tomorrow the fence posts will be set! Yay!

build fence

When I get home I will construct a fence around my property. The majority of the materials are already sitting in the yard including fence posts and 2×4’s. I’ll rent a bobcat with a post-hole auger and get the job done.

roofing ordered

I am adding galvinized roofing to the top of my cabin. The original material was roll-top shingle which is at the end of the lifespan. The new roofing will last forever and in the case of a forest fire, will give some added protection.
My Dad and brother are going to put it on at the end of July. :)

Resident Birds

YUPPERS by the way, birds are living in the house this year! :)


- I need to measure the roof to see how much tin to order.
- I need to phone my friend who has gazillion pound jacks for lifting things like… houses
- I need to find 2 very long lengths of steel (?) to level the house

bird house

Today I cleaned out the birdhouse. It was packed with nests and droppings.
I have lived here for 7+ years with never cleaning that little house. If my memory serves me correctly it has been vacant for the last two summers.
We’ll see if a family moves in this year.

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