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fill up an entire book with thoughts

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I was writing like crazy but it was worth it. I wrote things I was ashamed of for many years. Now I have to read it and draw a conclusion.


2 days left! 15 pages to go!!! :O :O :O

45 pages to go!

45 pages, 14 days!


My fleeting thoughts just don’t seem to flow when I have so little time to think and I spend the rest of it studying…


I’m on page 77, so I have 69 left. I have to hurry up! Having only 29 days left I’ll have to write about 2 and a half pages daily to do it on time.


I’m on page 30 and I’ve noticed I have 116 more lol :D Don’t believe the imprinted notes. It said it has 80 pages and it has (accidentally?) 146. lol
that will be hard..

I'm on page 22

Still about 60 to go… And 34 days to go.. Two pages a day will easily make it. Recently I’ve been at one and a half of a page. :)


I’m on page 4 and I have 76 more to fill up. I’ll write again when I’m on page 20. :)
I’m writing so stupid things sometimes, that it almost hurts. But I’m writing everything that comes up to my mind. Half of my philosophy, half of my senseless thoughts about a shop cashier’s trousers.
Hmm, so many “I’m”s here. :D I’m getting a bit confused… Or I’m just everyday more stupid. ;)

A yellow ugly notebook

Yesterday at night I took a lonely notebook lying somewhere on one of my shelves and wrote the first paragraph in it.
Today I added two other paragraphs.
I’m doing this to create a story out of it later. Now there are only thoughts about life and the world, so it’s rather philosophy than fiction. But why shouldn’t I add some philosophy between fiction? Let the thoughts flow, I’ll jot down anything that comes up.

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