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I want to learn to properly ballroom dance

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What I would really like...

Honestly, I would like to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time (if I chewed gum).

There are days that I float and flit like a butterfly.

And there are days that I dance like the hippos in Disney’s Fantasia.

Every time I plan on taking a dance class, I envision myself having a Disney day.

This goal is not high up on my list yet, but it is here. I plan on getting to it, but I want to work a little on my flexibility and such first (see my yoga goal first, for example). Then, when I feel like if I fall, I won’t shatter – only then can we talk about ballroom dancing.

But I’m not going to give it up. Even those damned Disney hippos looked delicate dancing along. And if that is all the better I can dance, then by God, that is how I am going to dance.

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