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Interesting. Went a week without.

I’m glad I made this a definitive goal.

Having made this quantifiable, it gave me a measuring stick against which to track my accomplishment and I didn’t accomplish my goal this week.

I have enough time to run downstairs and actually get something sewn, but honestly, I’m tired and I don’t want to right now. And that’s the gods honest truth. I’m just a little emotionally exhausted right now.

So, I’m going to go with accepting that I didn’t get it done this week and move it higher on my priority list for next week.

I have been working on designs for the gifts for my nephews for Christmas. They are both right around 2 years old, so I’m sewing them activity books. I just need to finish the design work first. I’m not going to jump the gun and get it sewn before I’m ready. I want these to be perfect.

I can’t decide if I want to sew for my inlaws or make jewelry instead. If I make jewelry, I have to figure something out for the men in the family. Most likely kitchen gifts if I go the jewelry route instead of sewing. But we (my husband and I) have been talking about doing some quilting for family members. If we are going to do that, we need to get our act together. Time to get to the fabric store.

Last week's entry

Of course I waited until the last moment (almost literally), but I think it’s because I’m addicted to adrenaline. The birthday party was Saturday and I started this Friday night. Late.

I had a first birthday party for my pseudo niece, and her grandmother gave me just the bib from her great-grand-uncle’s favorite overalls and asked it I could make something from it.

The week previous I had finished a quilt long overdue for the same little girl, so this week, I focused on making something with this odd shaped piece of denim.

It was a challenge! Fortunately, I had just finished the quilt, so it gave me something to anchor the concept on and work with (thank goodness).

And now it is done, and it matches. The back of the pillow is the same pattern as the body of the quilt.

This week, my dear friend (my pseudo niece’s mom) was working on sewing a picture book that she asked if I could finish for her, so that will be my project this week. This weekly thing deadline is coming along nicely. I’m thinking about designing books for my nephews for Christmas and sewing them.

Excellent opportunity.

I have to finish a first birthday gift before Saturday this week. So it is an automatically built in deadline to complete a project for this week.

Now I have to find a pattern for something specific to make with the chunk of fabric sent to me by the birthday girl’s grandmother (wait until I describe it in the next entry. Truly deserving of its very own entry.)

Accurately, I have two projects to finish by her birthday on Saturday. I am making her a tooth fairy pillow to match the quilt I recently finished for her birth (only a year late). Part of the fabric is also from her grandmother (the bib part of an overall apparently from a favorite great-granduncle. It’s been a challenge to try to figure out a way to incorporate an overall bib into a baby girl’s room.) The back of the pillow will match the quilt that I made (I quilted additional fabric squares to match and kept so as to have enough left over to make this pillow).

I’m looking forward to putting it all together, but I hope my machine can handle the denim. I haven’t had an opportunity to challenge it at that thickness yet.

I have changed my goal to something tangible

realizing that “sewing more often” gives me an outlet as to continually redefine exactly what “more often” means, I have changed the text of my goal to read that I sew something once per week.

This is an easy goal to reach as the sewing machine is set up downstairs, the sewing supplies (and fabric stock) is well within reach, and I have my own freaking blog for hundreds and hundreds of sewing ideas.

Therefore, I have no reason not to sit down and create something on my sewing machine at least once a week.

So, on to it then.

I finished an entire quilt yesterday!

It took me four days from start to finish.

And to be fairly honest, I had been sitting on this blasted thing for a year (well, I lost the pieces for 11 months of that year, so I had only been sitting on the pieces for 3 weeks and 3 days).

But it was a fair sized number (5 feet by 5 feet) and relatively intricate, and more to the point, finished. And gifted. I happily and proudly took it to the mother of the baby last night (a mere few weeks before her first birthday) and handed it over so it is now off my to do list.

So having finished said quilt in four days, I’m inspired to definitely sew more.

I have a few more pieces I wanted to finish to accompany the quilt (two pillows) that I think I can crank out long before the October 17th deadline.

And now that I know I can do a 5×5 quilt in 4 days, I think I am going to quilt for the family for this Christmas (especially since it’s only September).

I see a trip to the fabric store ahead. I went through a good half my fabric stockpiles for this last quilt.

Wow, this is very invigorating. I am really liking this goal and I do not wish to move it over to done yet. I want to keep it current to keep it going.

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