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I found that, after camping for a week (it was meant to be 3 days) without a toothbrush, I now feel compelled to floss every time I brush, or else my teeth don’t feel clean. Which is great! So I’m finally using up the end of what is probably floss 10 years old (yes, really – I remember it being in my dad’s cupboard, where I saved it from, at least that long ago!), and getting lovely clean teeth in the meantime!

I know why I never do this

it seems really pointless. okay, okay, I know it’s not! but it feels like it. it’s a nice addition when I’m brushing and rinsing, but it seems that it doesn’t really get much out – the occasional little thing, but nothing much. I’m certainly flossing much more than I used to, and paying more attention to my teeth, which can’t be bad, but I’m not sure if one or two times per week isn’t enough. I’ll go for a little longer and see what I think.

part of my routine

is to brush my teeth and tongue with herbal toothpaste , rinse, gargle peroxide and swill around my mouth, rinse, brush again with
the wet (without toothpaste) toothbrush, floss, then brush a final time with the wet toothbrush, then rinse. it leaves my mouth completely clean without tasting like fake mint, and my teeth are naturally whitened. sometimes I’ll also massage my gums with a little olive oil after brushing, and before I use the peroxide.

note: peroxide is NOT bleach. do not confuse them. this is hydrogen peroxide, a clear, pretty much odourless liquid that comes labelled as peroxide in the medical aisle. it can also be used as a disinfectant, and is a good gargle for sore throats. make sure you don’t buy bleach or any sort of product not pure peroxide!

I don't think this needs to be done daily

but I’ve got it on my daily habits chart. I think that three times a week is sufficient, so if I floss three times a week for two months, I’ll count this as achieved.

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