Kerstin Dea in Rockledge is doing 6 things including…

visit all 50 states


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Kerstin Dea has written 12 entries about this goal

Georgia and Arizona

Yes, I’ve been there before, so no real progress.
But I can add Arizona to the states now where I ran a marathon:

California (Napa Valley)
Florida (Space Coast 2x)
Massachussettes (Boston)
Arizona (Rock’n’Roll)

No Ohio

Too bad we didn’t go. Jon qualified, but it just didn’t work out. I’m not seeing any more new states in the near future, but some more traveling in Florida.
I’d like go on a long bike ride with Jon after the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in January, riding from Charleston back home. That would put South Carolina on the list. But we’ll have to see how that goes.


I hope that Jon qualifies for the 4-people-10k-team so we can go to the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio in September.


On a road trip to California to pick up some horses with Stephanie we drove through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.


I’ve always been fascinated by that name.
We’re going there tomorrow.

Two more off my list!

I landed in Washington D.C. last night and am staying at a hotel in Virginia.

Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

Those are the states I’m planning to visit next week.


I’m in Savannah today with my husband and my parents.


-> AK – Alaska
-> CO – Colorado
-> CT – Connecticut
-> DE – Delaware
-> HI – Hawaii
-> ID – Idaho
-> IN – Indiana
-> KY – Kentucky
-> ME – Maine
-> MD – Maryland
-> MI – Michigan
-> MN – Minnesota
-> MT – Montana
-> NH – New Hampshire
-> NJ – New Jersey
-> NC – North Carolina
-> ND – North Dakota
-> OH – Ohio
-> OR – Oregon
-> PA – Pennsylvania
-> RI – Rhode Island
-> SC – South Carolina
-> VT – Vermont
-> WA – Washington
-> WV – West Virginia
-> WI – Wisconsin

AL – Alabama x
AZ – Arizona x
AR – Arkansas x
CA – California x – lived there
FL – Florida x – living there
GA – Georgia x
IL – Illinois x
IA – Iowa x
KS – Kansas x
LA – Louisiana x
MA – Massachusetts x
MS – Mississippi x
MO – Missouri x
NE – Nebraska x
NV – Nevada x
NM – New Mexico x
NY – New York (airport)
OK – Oklahoma x
SD – South Dakota x
TN – Tennessee x
TX – Texas x
UT – Utah x
VA – Virginia x
WY – Wyoming x
Washington D.C. x


Probably going camping there with Stephanie in July. All I’ve seen there so far was the Memphis airport.


I want to:
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