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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.

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1. My apartment
2. my refusal to go along with the status quo
3. my intelligence
4. my good eye for beauty
5. my ability to feel compassion and empathy


1. My apartment is a good place to live.
2. My afternoon summer school job is over.
3. I have the talent to create a beautiful home.
4. I am still making it every day one year after a devastating breakup.
5. I am working toward living my life for me and not worrying about what other people think.


1. I am debt free.
2. I am not fat.
3. I have an awesome job.
4. I am smart.
5. I am capable of taking care of myself.


1. I have a good job at a good school.
2. I own my home and can afford it.
3. I have a reliable car.
4. I am at a good weight.
5. My kids are healthy.


1. I have lost 28 pounds in the past eight months.
2. I have a good job with no fear of being laid off.
3. My kids are healthy.
4. I own my own home.
5. I am a smart girl.


1. I have a small frame.
2. I am smart enough to take care of myself.
3. Noah is doing better with getting his homework.
4. I love my house.
5. I love my job.


1. my patio and firepit are finally finished
2. no school today or tomorrow or the next day
3. got my toes done today
4. I’m not broke
5. my kids are healthy and happy


1. I am smart.
2. I am capable.
3. I am a hard worker.
4. I can make things happen.
5. I am not going to put up with bullshit from anyone.


1. I’m not hungry.
2. I’m not sick.
3. I have a home.
4. I have an education.
5. I am tough.


1. don’t have it get up tomorrow
2. my daughter and her friends “hang out” at my house
3. love working with kids every day
4. I’m smart
5. I’m practical (a lot of the time)

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