Down to One in Kentucky is doing 31 things including…

raise strong, healthy, confident children

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Apparantly I have been a miserable failure at this goal with my daughter. She hates my guts. She thinks I am shit. It’s amazing how you know everything when you are 18.


I am concerned that my status as a co-dependent will affect my children. I had never given it much thought before, but I am beginning to see how I am enabling my son. I have always known that I “baby” him, but I never really thought about it being enabling. I have this sickness that makes me want others to be dependent upon me, and I have to stop doing this to my child or he will be as screwed up as I am. I have to try to push him to be more independent and reach outside of his comfort zone more. I have not done nearly the damage to my daughter as I have done with him. I have always pushed her and tried to make her tough, but not with the boy. I always question my decisions and if I’m doing the “right” thing with him- part of my ACoA baggage. I am really hoping that my latest round of therapy will help me and therefore help my children.

so lucky

I don’t always think about how lucky I am to have two beautiful, intelligent, healthy, articulate children. I especially don’t think about it when one or both of them is driving me crazy. They do make me proud to be their mother most of the time and I should spend more time reflecting on this good fortune.


I think I am doing a pretty damn good job with my kids. I am getting N the help he needs with his anxiety and I am trying to set down rules and routines to help him be okay. He picked out his own clothes for school today and got himself dressed, brushed his teeth and combed his own hair. I was so proud of him.

B seems to be pretty well-adjusted. At least I hope so.

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