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So I think an update is needed for this goal. The guy I was seeing the last time I wrote, well he and I are not seeing each other anymore. It kills me too, because I have an insanely difficult time trusting people, especially men. The fact that I let myself trust him was huge! That fact aside, I’m rebuilding myself confidence.
This goal may seem silly, especially if you Look at my picture next to this entry, but It is important. I won’t lie. I do receive compliments on my looks on a regular basis. I’ll also tell you that I ignore nearly all of them. To me they sound insincere and it spooks me. Weird, maybe, but that reaction comes from experience. Also I don’t want to have to rely on compliments from other people for me to find myself beautiful. I think that is a big issue for most young girls these days. It isn’t how you look, but how you feel about yourself. If you are confident in yourself then that is beautiful. Looks only last for so long so be amazing in what you do and how you act.
That’s all I go on the subject.

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I was with the guy I’m dating the other day and we got into this game of “I Want…” He told me that he wants me to stop being so harsh on myself, with respect to how I look, because I’m beautiful. And that he thinks that I am absolutely gorgeous. He is an amazing guy!


So the other day I got food poisoning. This is the first time in about ten years that any bad food has made me sick. While I was sick, every 30- 45 minutes consistently, I didn’t bother to wash my face and I barely showered. I did brush my teeth like it was going out of style. The result of slacking in my self care is that now I am breaking out. It is really bad and I can barely get myself to go to class. Ugggghhhh! I hope this passes soon.


Bikini Season is Coming! OMG I have got to start toning. Haha! Funny how people react when the days start getting longer. For the record I am not worried about how I will look in a bathing suit. I keep myself fit year around.

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