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kepi has written 14 entries about this goal

As I get closr and closer - I get more and more excited!

I did end up going to Adelaide, but I made sure that I paid pack $32.21 so that I at least only had some even amounts to continue:

  • Nov 11: $2083
  • Dec 11: $2083
  • Jan 12: $1700

Yahoo! That’s $33,963 done and dusted since deciding that enough is enough back in Dec 08.

I have been cleaning out my old paperwork and found the consumer credit schedule for the very first loan I went for, and I was floored when I read the date. The last day that I was debt free was 29th June 2003. I can’t wait to have that feeling back again!

The end is in sight!

$7,898.21!! I’ve moved the payback date from my birthday back to Jan 12, to enable a holiday to Adelaide in October. I was determined to have it payed back by then .. but Adelaide does look really cool!

Under $10K - yoop yoop!

Only by $43.79 .. but it’s still under!

Still on target to be debt free by my birthday.

Budget Re-Jigged ...

We had to make it a little more realistic – it’s only the 5th of the month and we’re already out of money. We’ve transferred some more dosh back into our everyday account and upped our monthly contribution.
Which of course means that my date of payback goes back!!
It’s currently at the end of November – but I’m setting the target as debt free by my birthday this year, so that there’s really no room for pushing it back.
I don’t care what it takes!!

$13,456.21 to go!

New budget in place puts away $2485 per month .. it’s VERY tough, but need to keep it up if I’m going to have it all paid back by the end of October.

Back to $15,941.21

That did include almost four months off work travelling, so I’m not too discouraged.
I will have it paid off by the end of the year so that I can start looking at getting myself back into a ridiculous amount of debt .. a mortgage!

$11,053.12 to go!

It’s really satisfying to come online and see a point 7 months ago where I had only paid off $11,063!

As at the end of June

I’ll have just a touch over $14k to go. That’s nothing!! I can’t remember the last time that I only owed less than $15K. It’s got to at least seven years. I’m very proud of myself.

As at the end of May

I would have officially paid off over half of my debt all on my own! It’s a really nice feeling to see that the amount that I owe is less than the amount that I’ve paid back. It’s a reminder that It’s absolutely possible and it’s not as far away as I might sometimes think.

As at the end of March

$18,769.80 to go! Still a good couple of months but I’m happpy that it’s still going in the right direction.

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