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It's raining, it's pouring

More’s coming in than going out. So yeah…savings!!

Internet banking

I have signed up for internet banking and finally have it working. So now I can transfer mone in to my savings account without a fuss. SO when the cash in my account is gone, it’s GONE! So much of a help.

The cash drain

My mom’s wonderful & has given up so much for me. So I feel bound to help her financially. Yet this makes saving so much harder. So I’ve decided to stop this. This is not going to become a festering wound for me. Now it’s about gaining the courage to do this.

Inspiration and goals

I’m new to this.I’ve spent the last 4 years paying off student loans, my car and a laon I tok for car repairs.

I’ve been fortunate as I resigned from my last job after getting a fantastic bonus. But this is not blue skies:

The dark clouds:
#1 I’m not working right now.
#2 I’m moving to London from S.Africa.
#3 I help my mom financially and she’s gotten herself in to a bind with debt.

I’m not quite sure what that means for me yet.

I have some goals:
#1 Save enough to take my mom on holiday to Egypt
#2 Save 10% of my mnthly salary while I’m in London

Getting started

I used to have a sizeable debt, but after lots of budgeting and sacrifice I knocked that away. But since then I’ve been really battling to budget and put money away. And it doesn’t help that I left work after getting a sizeable bonus and have been living off of that cash for a while.

My goal is to increase the money I have substantially through investing, to save when I start work next month (I’m moving to London), and to have a stash of available cash for emergencies.

Step 1: get a budget
Step 2: decide on my investment value and do it!
Step 3: decide on the target savings

Any other ideas?

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