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keylimesoda in St. Paul is doing 43 things including…

stop pulling my hair

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I can finally mark this goal as "done"!

Yesterday night marked 90 days pulling trance-free! WOOOOOO! I don’t even remember the last time I pulled a single hair… probably at least a couple weeks. In fact, if I were to guess the amount of strands I’ve pulled in the past 90 days… I’d say that number if definitely less than 25. 25 strands in 90 days is nothing! And it’s only getting easier. I can’t express how happy I am that this problem is safely behind me! :D

I’ve noticed that a lot of new people have started posted entries and I’m really happy for you all that you’ve decided to make a change and overcome this horrible problem. Remember that it really does get easier… the longer it’s been since you’ve last pulled, the easier it is for you to control your urge to pull. And that urge will fade! Just immerse yourself into all kinds of activities so that you aren’t just sitting around with your hands free to touch your hair… I’ve started exercising a lot the past couple months and I know that really helped to keep me from pulling. Just stay strong… GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! :)

70 days! :)

It’s been 10 weeks! Oh my god that is so awesome. Only 20 more days until I meet my goal and it will be on my birthday! :D

I was wondering if anyone saw the latest episode of MTV’s True Life called “I Self Injure”... one of the girls profiled was a puller. It was weird to watch because although I felt bad/sad for the girl, I didn’t really feel like I could relate anymore. Watching her pull was like watching my old self and that made me sad… but I really don’t feel like a puller or a person with trichotillomania anymore. I know they say that even if you stop pulling you still have trich but honestly I don’t think that’s true… or at least with me it isn’t. I hardly even think about pulling or have the urge to pull anymore and I really think that in a year or so I will not think about it at all. Or at least I hope that’s the case… but as for now… I’m just so happy with how good I’m doing!



I’m now 45 days pull-free! Well 45 days free of any pulling trances and about 30 days without pulling a single hair. I don’t even have an urge to pull at all anymore. I still touch my hair and scalp a lot which is something I’ve always done (a habit I’d like to break) but that’s nothing compared to pulling. My hair feels so full and most of it is really shiny, but I think dyeing it a darker brown will make the split-endy parts look healthier. My mom is going to trim my hair for me this week and then after that I’m going to color it. Once I’m through my goal of 90 days I’m getting my hair professionally cut for the first time in about 5 years! I’m so excited! :)

30 days :)

I’m now 1/3 of the way through my goal of 90 days! Yay I feel so good. I think I can honestly say that I will never go in a pulling trance again… it’s just not worth ruining all the progress I’ve made.

27 days!

I’ve been doing great, I haven’t even felt like pulling in over a week! I am certain now that cutting sweets out has reduced my urge to pull. I decided that I will mark this goal as done when I get through 90 days… which will be on April 23- my 19th birthday! :)

3 weeks!

Wow 3 weeks already! 3 weeks since I’ve gone into a pulling trance. I’ve pulled out a total of 10-15 strands within the 3 weeks, but that is nothing compared to when I would pull for 3 hours straight and end up with a huge pile of hair (ew I am never doing that again). Actually it’s been 6 days since I’ve even pulled a strand out! I stopped eating sweets 6 days ago and I’ve actually noticed that I don’t have nearly as much of an urge to pull since then… so changing that really helped! I do still catch myself feeling around my hair finding (but not pulling out) those little coarse hairs, but I’ll do this for 5 minutes and than realize it and stop myself before I pull. I’m so proud of myself! My hair and scalp feel so much healthier.

Good luck to everyone with this goal! Stay strong- think about how good it will feel to have a nice full, thick, shiny, healthy head of hair. :)

2 weeks! :)

It has now been two full weeks since I last pulled… well for the most part. Thursday thru Saturday was really hard for me for some reason, and many times I would catch myself with my hand in my hair feeling around. I would pull on the hair, but not actually pull it out, except for 2 single strands. I pulled one strand out on Thursday and one on Saturday. I know this technically means I haven’t gone 2 weeks without pulling, but I’m still gonna keep my count up. Normally when I pull, I pull atleast 50 or more strands out, so pulling 2 strands out in the past 2 weeks when I could have pulled a few hundred is really great progress.

So yeah I’m at 14 days and counting, and the past 3 days have been so easy. My head and hair feel great, and I’m even wearing my hair down again! Awesome. 3 weeks is just around the corner…

One Week!

It’s now been a full 7 days since I last pulled! I feel so great. It actually hasn’t been too hard for me, because I just think about how good it feels to post my progress on here and that keeps me going. To keep me from pulling I did two things: I would go take a shower (I can’t pull my hair if it is wet!) or/and I would wear a hooded sweatshirt and tie the hood tight on my head so if my hand wandered up I would feel the sweatshirt and stop myself. I can’t wait until I’ve hit 2 weeks!

Almost 3 Days Strong!

The day I stopped pulling my hair was the day I signed up for 43things- Tuesday. So I went all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and all of today so far without pulling out one single hair. YAY! And I’m hoping this past Tuesday will be the last day I ever pulled my hair in my life- and I really think I can do it!

I actually need to do it, because I’ve been pulling for almost 7 years. It started in 6th grade with my eyebrows- my “mature” new friend told me that she plucked her eyebrows and that I should try it (I didn’t even need to! I was in SIXTH GRADE and it’s not like I had a uni-brow) so I did and one day I totally over-plucked them. Then it kinda became an obsession and I would tweeze them and pull the hairs with my fingers as much as I could- I had to draw on my eyebrows from 6th thru 9th grade. Then in 10th grade things were going great- I hadn’t pulled my eyebrows for like a year and I even stopped plucking them obsessively and let them grow out and I was able to (for the most part) stop drawing them in. That was the end of my eyebrows fixation, I have totally normal ones and haven’t pulled at them for over 4 years and I know I never will, but in 10th grade is when I started pulling out my head hair. :(

I used to have such incredibly thick hair- almost TOO think. It was a beautiful dark brown with golden highlights and I never dyed it. Everyone would give my compliments on my naturally beautiful hair and when I would go to the hair salon the stylist would actually have to thin out my hair with a razor, because of its thickness. I guess it’s good that my hair was so thick or else by now I would probably be completely bald. My hair pulling started because I would notice hairs with split-ends and I would pull them out. Then I started pulling out the hairs that were unusually coarse and thick. Then it didn’t even matter I pulled anything and everything. My pulling got especially bad my senior year of high school when I was so stressed out from school- I actually had to wear my hair up everyday for over 6 months and I LOVE wearing my hair down I know I look better with it down (that is when there isn’t a thin patch at the top). Then after I graduated things started to get better- I wasn’t as stressed out and I decided like back in late August that I would stop pulling my hair and take excellent care of it. And I did- even after stopping for less than a week and I could tell my hair felt thicker. I went to a party back in October and wore my hair down for the first time in almost 8 months and all my friends complemented me on how cute my hair looked and one of them even said she was jealous of my hair because it was so long and wavy. I felt so great. I hardly ever pulled for like 4 months- sometimes I would catch myself pulling and automatically stop myself, but I never had any “pulling sessions”- that is until the beginning of this month.

I’ve been really stressed out lately because my dad keeps threatening to kick me out of the house, because I still don’t have a new job (after losing my old one way back in July) and I haven’t really been keeping things in the house clean like a promised him I would. It’s not like he actually will kick me out, but the yelling is still stressful and has led me into a pattern of pulling again. I hate it so much! But after finding this site and realizing that there are people out there just like me that also pull and are trying to stop, I think it’s really giving me the motivation and strength to once and for all stop pulling out my hair.

WOW! I really wrote a lot… like basically my life story… haha well thanks so much to everyone who actually took the time to read my entry. :)

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