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I want to fall in love


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If theres a will, theres a way.

I have faith in myself and who I am as an individual. Im young, vibrant, beautiful and I know I can do anything I set my mind to. Everyone wants love in some shape or form, whether we want to declare it or keep it hidden, we all want it. After a heartbreak, it’s easy to keep your heart closed, and keep it that way for along time, until eventually, sometimes when you least expect it, you fall in love. I don’t know if I have fallen in love, but, I can’t seem to put another name to it. It’s hard for me to completely trust, in all aspects in a relationship, it’s difficult for me to actually be in a relationship because I just don’t want it to fail. I dont want to have unrealistic dreams, I dont want my head stuck in a cloud in love with someone when the reality is that, it never was, it isn’t and it never will be.
I feel so in love that I just want to scream it, even if its silly, even if its not “real” “true” love, That doesnt mean that i dont have this incredible undescribable feeling for him. Ive never fallen for a friend before, I usually just jumped into relationships, but these feelings grew from a friendship, it’s comforting to know this is not unrequited love. I love being around him, i think about him a lot, he makes me laugh, and i just keep wanting more. I have all of these feelings yet, Im afraid to go on to the next step, im afraid he wont accept me the more he knows me, im afraid he wont accept me for the things that im most conscious about. Im scared that our relationship would end, and thats why i dont even want to begin one. I wish he would understand, but sometimes even though i feel strong feelings, I need to think with my head, because in the end, that could be the best decision for me.


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