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get a tattoo : part five

I had a really interesting dream recently, which was related to getting tattooed (It was more one of those dreams when you get to talk to the deceased ones and so on, but that’s a different topic now :D). When I woke up, I drew the tattoo I wanted to get in this dream, because I liked the idea and I liked that I kept saying “That’s going to be my first tattoo!” in the dream, but I changed it two times up to now.

The newest idea is the following : Above all, there is the moon, but with one exception : Some of the lower part of it is cut off. Below, you can see the Japanese flag, and below the flag, you can see the cut-off part with two people sitting on it and holding hands. And yes, it does have a lot of meaning to me.

Also, I wanted to get it on the left upper arm, and I think that is going to be the place where I get the real tattoo then, too. Also, I already found a great tattoo artist. I just have to save up the money now, as I think it is going to be fairly expensive (I want it to be partly coloured, partly grey/black, and I want it to be really big, too).

I love the idea already. :)

get a tattoo : part four

This is the symbol I want to have tattooed – the Cross of Atlantis! I was wondering, however, whether there is a minimum size for this. Surely there is, but still I do not know which size that would be. Is there any “rule” for the width between the black parts, so that the symbol will still be recognizable? (I hope you know what I mean …)

get a tattoo : part three

My sister has been working on a design for her next tattoo since yesterday or so I think. She wants to get an appointment next week (as in, ask for an appointment next week; the actual appointment won’t be next week most likely). I hope I will be able to go with her so that I can ask two questions I have on my mind concerning a sign that means a lot to me. But maybe you can help me …

I want to get the Cross Of Atlantis tattooed. They even have this design in one of their books at the tattoo studio. I think the text read something like “(...) and it is used with some religious groups.” So far I haven’t been able to find out what religious groups use it—I am confused. I mean, the sign has a meaning to ME, but it might not be the one of those groups. And I don’t really know whether I want to be recognized by them (especially if they think they are superior to everything and everybody …). Would you still have it done if you were me?

And another question … I think there is a minimum size a tattoo has to have (especially if it is as filigree as the Cross Of Atlantis). Do you know which size it has to have? (I can also ask the tattoo artist, though).

Okay, that’s all for now. Gonna have breakfast now …

get a tattoo : part two

I want to have this one done. NOW. :D

No, I have got some questions … Some of them may be childish. Or all of them.

No 1 Are there “places” on your back which you shouldn’t get tattooed for some reasons? (This one is really stupid … But maybe you have seen “Kiss of the Dragon”?! (Ahem.))

No 2 How do you deal with the pain?

No 3 How exactly is a tattoo done when you want it to be on your nape of the neck or your back? (E. g. do you have to sit all the time, or is there some thing you can lie down on??)

No 4 When designing your own tattoo, how can you get a certain “balance” into the picture? For example, when some things are too big/small … Especially too small would be a problem, because it might be hard to get that tattooed :\.

I want it all done step by step. I guess the Atlantis-scene will have to wait a little, but as for the Cross of Atlantis—I want this one so much right now!!

I only wish I could draw exactly what is coming to my mind. Usually, the pictures I draw never look like I imagine them, probably because I am not really gifted with thinking visually (I am more auditive). But I don’t want anyone else to do it, so … Please help!!

get a tattoo : part one

i have finally chosen what i want to get tattooed, and where exactly it should be placed and so on. i want to get the cross of atlantis on the nape of my neck, and i want to have an atlantean “scene” on my entire back :). as for the latter one, i am thinking of some light blue mountains, some golden pyramids, and a rising sun, colouring the air above reddish … i know that the cross might have a deeper meaning for some “groups”, but i also think that this wouldn’t stop me getting this tattoo. as for the rest … i might be obsessed. but atlantis is something i can totally relate to, even if it never existed.

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