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lose weight

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lose weight : part 27

Since I started my new eating habit (I will call it “diet” now, just wanted to make sure you don’t mistake it with something temporary …) on Monday last week, I have used the balance one time (on Friday). I started off with 241.4 lbs, but on Friday, it was 5.5 lbs less already! :D I know the progress will slow down with the time moving forward, and I don’t set myself under pressure, but I just wanted to say I am incredibly proud already!! :)

That said, may I say I love fruits and muesli? :D I mix the latter myself twice a week, the other days I have fruits for breakfast. I already feel much more energised than I did beforehand, which is good, too. For muesli, I mix oat flakes/oatmeal with chopped and powdered hazelnuts, sultanas, yoghurt and some honey. It is super delicious, you should try it, too!! :D

Today I will have pasta bake with looots of veggies & my favourite sour cream dip. May I say I am looking forward to that?

Have a nice time, until soon!!

lose weight : part 26

I “woke up” again. Meaning, I started the diet over today. Don’t worry, it is much more than that kind of change of eating behavior which people cannot stick to afterwards and such; it really is a permanent (!) change concerning my eating habits. So far I am feeling good!

I will keep you updated on how it goes. Right now my weight is at 109.5 kilos/241.4 lbs, so you can imagine what I will have to battle, but then again, I am quite optimistic about it all. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks/months, to see the weight melting away and to find my passion in life again, which was really numbed because of my own view of myself which can sometimes be really catastrophic.

Have a nice day everybody & cheers to everybody going through the same!!

lose weight : part 25

My last entry was approximately a year and a half ago, but apart from gaining a lot of weight, not much happened. I want to change this of course, so I will change my eating habits once and for all.

I am still fighting and I won’t let anything get me down. (fighting mode)

I hope you are all fine, by the way. I am looking forward to writing more here again!!

lose weight : part 24


I notice I haven’t written in this for more than a year; I cannot believe it. To put a long story short, I gained a lot of weight back, sort of got a little (or a little more) lazy, and now am standing at the beginning again. HOWEVER, I will not give up this easily. There might be some people out there who’d say there is no chance for me losing weight, but I will tell and show them otherwise.

The only downside is, but this doesn’t count as an excuse for me, that our scales are not working right now, BUT I do have a measuring tape (?—for sewing, for example) and I still can take pictures of myself in certain intervals.

So far, I changed my eating behavior a little, step by step. I am not at the best point already, but I do eat a lot more fruits and self-cooked meals instead of too much stuff you only buy in the supermarket and warm up. The latter is not ENTIRELY cut out, but really mostly. I just find it depresses me to eat that, don’t ask me why.

As for the fruits, I pay attention to always having at least two different kinds of fruits at home, and I eat them daily. And I noticed I eat less of other stuff (buns, for example) than I did before because I feel “full” earlier than before. :)

So, yeah, maybe the scales won’t work right now, but I’d like to take photos of me every … I don’t know? Week? Every other week? Every month? To see some progress. I just feel a little embarrassed to post them now; I guess I weigh more than 100 kilos now :(. (However, I already feel a little lighter than in the beginning, and more energetic.)

Also I found a great homepage today. Maybe you have heard of beforehand? It seems like a good resource for both workout videos/instructions and recipes. I love the ideas, and I find it very inspiring.

I hope you are all doing well, and I am sorry that I have been bothering you with this for so long now.

lose weight : part 23

I didn’t weigh myself (yet), but I tried to integrate some of the tips I received into my shopping behaviour. I must admit I sometimes ended up buying cool strawberry milk because it was so hot outside … However, I also bought apples whenever I felt the need to buy sweets :). I tried a certain kind of apple (Braeburn … I hope the spelling is correct!) because I was curious as to how it tasted … Other than that, I bought Granny Smith apples – my favourite kind to be honest. We still have Granny Smith here.

On Monday, I will prepare some potatoes for myself with a certain kind of dip. It was one of my favourite meals during the “Wake Up” diet, but since my sister, whom I am living with, hates this meal, I wasn’t able to prepare it. Now we had the idea that she will prepare some potatoes with carrots and a small amount of onions for herself, and I will get my potatoes with dip :D.

I already feel a lot better and also more awake then before. The apples so far were like a booster to my awareness! It is great. Also, I took my sister with me when I went shopping the last time. And I didn’t get weak :).

So, thank you for the tips! You ROCK! :) (The weigh in will be the week after the next one I guess …)

lose weight : part 22

I know I have written so many entries here, so many ups and downs, and I cannot even think of much positive things right now concerning this goal. I have developped a rather bad addiction for a certain kind of sweets. Whenever I go shopping nowadays, it is hard for me NOT to go straight into the sweets part of the shop, grab them, and take them with me. Okay, I pay for them (I mention this since the last sentence sounds like I’d be shoplifting …). ANYWAYS, it is so - hard for me to get out of this.

When I did the same thing yesterday, a thought/memory crossed my mind. It was so easy for me (or, rather easy!) to quit smoking. I also had no problems with quitting to take drugs after all … But when I quit smoking, I wasn’t on a diet, so food became also some kind of “substitute drug”. The worst kind there is …

I am not a lazy person, but with that kind of behaviour, I don’t get anywhere – no matter how much I work out. Actually, I should be counting the calories in this mass of sweets and then really WORK OUT for as long as it takes to burn them. Haha. No, really, I don’t know what to do …

I wish I could set a goal like, “Stop eating sweets for [Enter period of time here]”, but I don’t know which one to choose. I know there have been times I was able to go through long, long periods of time without ANY sweets. But those days, I didn’t know the ones I am eating now :(.

So … Okay … I want to promise myself not to eat them for a while. Just like I did with smoking for the first time. How long is enough to at least notice that the craving will decrease?

Also, I want to do more sports :D. As you may have noticed that is not my problem. But, for example, yesterday I danced and I told myself : “You will dance straight for three minutes now!” and I wasn’t able to do that. I gained a lot of weight in the past days/weeks most likely, too.

I really need to pick this goal up again! And then, baby steps … So that there are many kinds of successes :).

Thank you to everybody who read this until now. And sorry for my behaviour. :(

lose weight : part 21

I considered something I was told (or that I understood, at least), and I desided to try it.

I want to get this goal done, step by step, which is to say that I will weigh myself these days (Not today, though.), and then go down to my actual goal weight step-by-step. If I weigh, let’s say, 90 kg now (which I doubt), the next step will be 89 kg or 87.5 kg or so. I’ll either go in 1-kilo steps or in 2.5-kilo steps.

Maybe more moments of success will keep me going.

As for the diet itself, I don’t think I will continue doing it BUT I like several recipes of it, so I will try to mix them a little and really eat more fruits, and probably keep the pauses. If it is not possible for me to keep the pauses, however, I will hopefully be able to eat something that is not dangerous then. BLAH.

And I really am in the mood to move more, so exercising should not be a problem.

All in all, I feel a lot better than in that entry I wrote earlier … Hooray for this!

lose weight : part 20

Good morning everyone (It is 7.19am right now)! Hope you are all doing well (Or is it “doing good”? Arrrgh! English!!)

I really need to learn to get this goal going. I do know my problems, but I don’t know how to live with them … I have plans for a certain diet (eating plans – what to eat when (you can exchange days or meals, but still …)), I have attempted to do it several times now, and the more often I do it the more depressed I get.

I just cannot live with the knowledge I will NEVER be able to eat the way I ate before again. I know this way of eating was totally unhealthy, but I am going to miss certain aspects of it. It is still hard for me to keep pauses between the meals, and to eat only fruits in the morning, and to do whatever this stupid plan wants me to do. Maybe it is because of the medication I am taking, since that one has the side effect to increase hunger/appetite for food. And I cannot stop taking them, and others would have even WORSE side effects.

Then there also is the pressure I feel from several people around me, simply because they might be taller than me and have goal weights of 50 kilos or so, which, according to the BMI, would be way to little. Whenever I tell them, they just shrug, and I cannot live with the knowledge of weighing more than others around me … At least with KNOWING that.

I just cannot stick to this plan, but I also don’t know any alternatives. I wish I could just eat something sweet for example more often, but if I do, within this diet, I’d have to wait 3 hours after, let’s say, ONE cookie, and this is something I cannot stick to …

I wouldn’t mind doing more sports, though. (As long as I don’t have to run. Running is boring. (If you think otherwise, this is okay, but to me, it is simply boring …)) I also had problems with my knees recently, but I don’t know if it comes from my weight. :(

Anyhow, that’s that. Thanks for reading.

lose weight : part 19

Today, when I was in town, a woman came from out of nowhere (she must have been standing behind me) and said : “Man, you are fat!”

I looked around and couldn’t see anybody else she might have meant. Plus, she was looking at me …

I … really wonder what people like this think their behaviour will get others to do. Do they really think this is going to make everybody want to lose weight from the start? And why is it their problem all of a sudden, hm?

I know perfectly well I am not the thinnest person, and I will probably never be able to wear size 0 or whatever. I would be happy if I reached my goal weight, but even a few kilos more wouldn’t make me absolutely sad.

... It is just, even though I know that there is this goal weight and so on, I don’t want to see it like my ultimate goal to reach it. I want to stay healthy, and I don’t want people like her to ruin my life.

To everybody who experienced similar things : Don’t let that get you down! You are working on it already, and it is your body after all! You are simply doing this for yourself, and nobody in the world has the right to tell you what YOU should look or be like!

Over and out.

lose weight : part 18

Okay, a start over. The past months I didn’t pay a lot of attention to losing weight at all; I was very busy with my Abitur exams, and I must admit I felt like I needed a lot of (sweet) food in order to be able to pass them. So I felt really uncomfortable recently, but instead of sitting in the corner and whining about that, I have decided to start over again …

I want to stay motivated, and I want to start enjoying the food I eat again. I wrote a pretty long entry about all this on another site, and I also weighed myself again, and my mum helped me to take some measures (of my body).

Some rules I set up are :

”- I will choose drinks only of the following – TEA, WATER, and ORANGE JUICE (100% fruit), MIXED WITH WATER!
- I will drink a lot more than before. I know this is going to be tough but the weather’s also asking for it and I don’t want to end up fainting because of that …
- I will also measure my body (partly). This is to see whether I make progress even when not losing weight at all (I have seen this phenomenon on another site actually, and it really happens!) ... Only downside is that I don’t know how to do that properly :( ... HALP?
- I guess a good idea to fight cravings for sweets is to sort of eat something sweet everyday, but not in masses. This might lead to a better way to handle these cravings. I think it is okay to eat a little piece of chocolate or, let’s say, a cookie everyday … We’ll see what it leads to :).
- Go outside as often as I can. This won’t be hard, since I want to do this almost all the time. :]
- I want to do more sports than before, also. If I don’t have the time to go outside, I want to be able to do some sports inside the flat. Anything with dancing and/or aerobics is okay :D!!
- I want to integrate more fruits into my daily life. Fruits are wonderful because they are SWEET and HEALTHY … I feel so much more alive after eating fruits :).
- Bread and musli only on the weekends! This is to both not eat too much of that, and to be forced to eat more fruits in the mornings …
- Not a very tough task, but I want to continue refusing to eat meat and fish. Also, I might want to try out that vegan life soon … :)
- And also, I want to finally be able to get little presents for myself for my efforts. I guess 5-kilo steps are too big, so I’d change that into 2.5-kilo steps …
- I won’t round my weight up at several homepages anymore. That’s just to keep myself going, no matter how stupid it might look …
- I will also take “before” pics again. Probably also will continue taking photos every week or every other week or so?”

Okay, that was copied from said site. If anybody has any good tips, please tell meee! :D

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