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get one of my credit cards paid off in full

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It doesn't look good.

I just can’t recover from that utility nightmare. I’m probably going to have to make a minimum payment again this month. It’s not even a month into the new year and it’s really looking like I can’t do this – I am so discouraged.

Lost some ground.

Things got out of control due to a minor financial disaster involving a predatory utility company, and basically everything extra that I put into this a couple of weeks ago is gone now. I hope the money means as much to the people who stole it from me as it did to me, but if they can think of an excuse they’ll probably just have their hand out again next month.

Anyway I can’t afford to put back what they stole from me, so I re-calculated the amount I’d have to pay monthly to still get this done this calendar year, and at this point it’s up to $194 – hopefully this will work.

Made my first payment of $180

If I can do this each month for the rest of the year, I’ll be in good shape.

Used one of those calculators online...

Looks like in order to get this one paid off this year, I’d have to cough up $179.01 a month. I honestly don’t think I have enough money coming in to do that, but I’m going to ask God to help me find it somehow. These credit card companies have me in such a horrible choke hold, and I just have to get out.

So yes, I am most likely the second most successful person in my office...

...and that still isn’t very good, because I spend unbelievable amounts of money every month just making minimum payments on credit cards.

What can I say? Life wasn’t always even as kind as it is now in terms of income, and I had to survive somehow, so I did.

But now it’s time to start breaking free, and I’m going to start by getting the card with the smallest balance paid off in full in 2011.

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