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I really need to do this. But first, I need to find the damn thing. It’s in a box in the abyss of moving boxes…

Teaching journal

Last june I started teaching my first kids summer craft camps. It was a blast and every day had a new adventure and lesson. I decided to start a teaching journal and write in it every day I taught to record my observations about teaching, why education(especially art education) is important, discipline lessons, teaching methods and more. I did this diligantly until about Thanksgiving. Then I stopped. I don’t know why really. Guess I got lazy. The lessons haven’t stopped so the learning doesn’t stop either.

After the summer I restarted teaching my weekly(which later turned into biweekly) craft classes for 3-5 y/o so I didn’t have to write as often as during the summer. It was a great idea and I still think it’s something important. Especially when it comes to promoting myself as an educator. This journal has the raw seeds of my personal views on education. So much potential! Arg!

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