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Do at least one productive thing before work every day

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Despite Facebook Games Taking up my time

I was able to do a couple of productive things this morning and still make it to work on time. I emptied the dishwasher and did 10 minutes of stretching. I just need to get to bed on time and get up when the alarm goes off.

Not doing so well

Because of silly Facebook games. Unless you consider keeping up with the games productive. Not.

This morning

I cleaned the outside of the washer and dryer. I also cleaned some of the inside of the washer, and put away some of the clutter that was on top of the dryer. I love this goal. It’s Flylady to the max… I’m not doing a lot at one time, but it adds up.

This morning was very productive

My productive thing was supposed to be cleaning the dishes that had backed up in the sink (I know… a Flylady no no). I did that, and after heard dripping under the sink. Leak!! So the second productive thing I did was study the leak to figure out why. I found the problem, but it was a job for a plumber, not a helpless single lady. The plumber explained that the people who remodeled the kitchen when they flipped the house did a poor job of putting the pipes in after installing a new, deeper sink. He needs to re-do everything under there.

On Tuesday, when I first started this goal, I went out in the yard and pulled some weeds. Not a lot because it was still dark, but still. Babysteps.

Yesterday, I remember doing something, but not what. It wasn’t very exciting, obviously.

I like this goal and think I can keep it up. I have some time while the pets are eating their breakfast to do something each day.

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