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15 Minute Japanese - ju-go fun nihongo (or something like that)

Going to start using this book to refresh my memory, I’ve had it a little while but hadn’t gotten round ot using it. Had a look at the first lesson and pleased that I could remember everything from that. Tomorrow’s one won’t be so easy, I was never sure of how to refer to family members, must have missed the week that was first taught when I was having lessons.

This is so not going well

I’ve just not got time right now. Thinking I might have to start taking the cd to work to listen to at lunchtime, that might work. Shame OU don’t do a Japanese course, I should start a petition! Though I am planning to do a language degree of some sort when I finish my IT one, probably French with something, most likely either English, German or Spanish unless they start doing something like Italian or Portuguese (which would come in handy when I finally get around to taking up Capoiera!)

no level 3 class

I’ve been learning for 2 years but this year my teacher moved away and there wasn’t enough people to make it worth the college’s while finding a replacement. So I have my notes, a book or 2 and a cd, but how I’ll get on with it I don’t know

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