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Send 20 Postcards with Postcrossing

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Well I have sent 13 so far

Apparently only 6 of them have been recieved and 2 of them have been travelling for 117 days. And another 2 have been travelling for 46 days. I have also received 7 – from Finland, USA, France, Italy, Germany and New Zealand.

I am posting them to a

I got my first postcard back!

Well, it took me a long time to get my first postcards off in the mail. I sent two in April and they were both received. Then I sent another three at the beginning of May and I don’t know if any of them have been received. I am a bit concerned now that I did not put enough postage on them and maybe they have disappeared into the ether. Although you would think that Aus Post would let me know if there was a problem. I just looked up postage costs online and it is an extra 15c over what I thought it was to send postcards. The post office girl I asked originally appeared to give me the price to send Christmas cards, not postcards.

Anyway, moving on. I now know the correct cost! I have bought a bunch more postcards and I will send 5 more cards this week. It’s good to have an excuse to use stickers and glittery things I have had in my drawer for ages.

I have finally sent off my first 2 postcards

One of the Brighton Beach bathing boxes going to Raahe, Finland (I used to have heaps of Finnish penpals) and one of Koalas (dude likes bears) to Gloucester, England.

I have found some good stamps – Dame Edna Everage stamps, Melbourne Commonwealth Games stamps & one of a Possum. I like the mix.

I have registered for my next 3.

Finding postcards

I used to have a whole stack of lovely postcards leftover from my penpal days, which I thought I still had, but I can’t find them and I vaguely remember giving them away to someone.

I am having trouble finding decent postcards locally. I saw some of the ugliest postcards ever in the local Post Office – totally boring and with no sense of composition at all!

They did have some cool Dame Edna stamps though.

And I got some panoramic postcards of the Brighton Beach bathing boxes with Melbourne city in the background from the newsagency.

I found these gorgeous postcards online, but I haven’t ever been to the outback myself so it would seem more appropriate to get something more local and close to home. Plus, you can only order them in bulk.


I have registered for postcrossing. I like the idea of this because I love postcards, photography and dreaming about far away places. I used to have a zillion penpals from all over the world when I was younger. I miss getting mail. I also just love community projects too.

So I have two addresses to start off with. One in London and one in Finland. I’ll have to go out and go postcard and stamp hunting now. Or maybe make one of my photos into a postcard.

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