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Take one picture a day as a way to document my life

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A new goal.

I’m really having a fun time with this and have taken some wonderful/ werid pictures but I don’t have a computer to download them on to, or to put them on the net with so I’m going to pause on this and start up again when I achive my new goal…. getting a computer.


So the other day I got a bloody nose from it being so dry lately and instead of going and cleaning it right away, I thought this would be an intresting picture. I grabbed my camara and took a few pictures as the blood is running down my face. One I looked really strung out. So it was an intreseting picture but after I did it I realized how creepy that is.

have you noticed?

I’ve noticed that some days I can take a million pictures, sometimes even great pictures and other days I’m on picture 37 of my cat.


Well I got my camara fixed and I’ve been taking pictures for about 2 weeks but my camara eats bataries like carzy! I’m going to go buy rechargeable bataries but I can’t aford it at the momment. Also it feels weird taking pictures of random things and people give you these strange looks, or thats what I’ve come across.

I need a camara

I need to fix my camara. When I read this I thought it was take a picture of yourself to see how much you’ve changed, I’ve seen this done, but I like this idea better. Fun.

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