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say thank you to the people who have made a difference in my life.

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On going, but the first phase is done

I’ve thanked the important people in my life one way or another. I’ll always be needing to thank them, but at least I’ve done it once. And – Thank You, 43 things, for helping me to accomplish my tasks, achieve my goals, and live life fully!

If i do this while sending post cards

Then I multi-task and knock off two Things at once!


Gave a hug and a thank you to many of the military wives that helped me through deployment at a function last week.

Thank You to our Military Men & Women and the People Who support Them

On this day, when we pause to honor the men and women who gave their lives for our country, I would like to thank all of those who currently serve, and their mothers and fathers and siblings and wives and husbands and children and good friends and all who support them.

To Miss MG

I posted to her Facebook wall and thanked her for being an inspiration.

To Miz A.K.

For being there for me and accepting my foibles.

Thanked my kids

They really came together to help me out during my pre op/surgery/post op time. I’m glad they got to go on vacation together.


For launching my career and encouraging the part of me that wants to do things the right way, even if it isn’t the convenient way.

Uncle C

Thank you for teaching me to fish. For telling me to “Think like a worm” when realing in my purple plastic worms. I didn’t catch a whole lot of fish – not enough patience or maybe I didn’t think enough like a worm – but I caught you wonderful pipe tobaco smell, your attention to detail, your huge heart, your (and Dad’s and your whole family’s) love of the outdoors. I live near a lake now, and I hope to cast a line or 3 this summer, and catch some of those memories. Thank You, uncle.

Auntie Daisy

Thank You for loving me like your own. For fishing trips and letting me “sneak” your Jergin’s lotion when we visited. It wasn’t until I was old enough to have 8 year old girls of my own that I realized what a Gift that was. I let them “sneak” Jergin’s lotion, too. I still use the original Cherry-Almond scent, and I think of you every time I do. ... Thank you for trips to Hawaii, your birthplace, when we were young. Seeing where you and Dad grew up, smelling the ocean that you two played in, “picking seaweed” like “in the old days” – this gave me a sense of history, of continuity that many children do not have these days. I have roots. I have a foundation. Much of it built by you. Thank you.

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