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learn how to build a house

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Who knew

My husband works in the construction industry – who knew he has wanted to become a GC and remodel/build houses? After 20 something years, there is still so much to discover about that handsome man!

On vacation and...

Got some good ideas while living in hotels for the last two weeks. Like I really like the look of stone, but I’m not so sure I want to take care of it – ceramic tile to the rescue!

HGTV and DYI Network

Since I can’t do anything too physical right now, and for every 20 minutes of activity I still have to sit for 30 minutes, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Taking notes from HGTV and DYI Netowrk like I’m in school, LOL!

more notes
  • can you live in a trailer on site during construction
  • track prices & always have your price list with you so you know when there’s a good deal
  • be realistic about budget
  • changes = more money
  • consider the costs of everything, down to light swtich plates and door knobs

best book & website i've found so far

I have the original version of this book and haunt the website. Soooo much good information here for both the design phase and the building phase.

Some misc tips

  • have spares for critical equipment if possible
  • over plan
  • buget in minute detail

Bought some books
  • One on building a cabin – I know I’m designing a house, but I am thinking of incorporating cabin-like features. Also, it has tips on how to build things
  • One on building “grey water usage” into your house
  • One on water storage (assuming you have a well or for rain water cachement)

This should keep me amused for a bit.

Since I'm designing one...

I suppose I should learn how to build one so that when the time is right, I’ll at least have a clue about what goes into one…even if I don’t build it myself, this should let me at least speak intelligently with the contractors…

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