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be a renaissance woman

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kmom2468 has written 3 entries about this goal

How does one become a Woman for All Seasons?
First, I suppose, one needs to define the attributes of a Renaissance Woman. Here’s a list of some ideas …
not in any order
  • She is learned in the human arts:
    auditory (music: read, write, play, understand some theory,
    digital music tools, etc.)
    visual (photography, drawing, painting, digital rendering, etc.)
    tactile (design and build things in wood, metal, earth, etc.)
    tastes (cooking, eating, nutrition, complimentary food types,
    nutrition, etc.)
  • She can practice the nurturing arts:
    home making (taking care of a home, its appliances, vehicles and
    other items, etc.)
    raising children (large topic, there)
    taking care of pets, both mundane and exotic
    nurturing the earth (sustainability, agriculture)
    taking care of the body, spirit and mind
  • She is easily at home in both the low tech and the high tech world, being at ease with computers and smart phones and camp fires and calligraphy.
  • She is formally and informally educated in a number of fields – the sciences, the letters, and everything else in between
  • She is aware of the events of the day and of history and how they have come to shape the current state of affairs
  • She is gracious and at ease with both the heads of state and the beggar on the street
  • She understands the connections between the body, mind and spirit
  • While she may choose a particular religious path, she is aware of and versed in the teaching of many religions
  • She is the perennial student, and a teacher when needed; a leader and a follower

And should/does a renaissance woman keep journals and tomes like Leonardo did? And if she does, are her tomes on vellum, printed out from a printer, or only in electronic bits.

These are just a jumble of notes, used to start a conversation, and to stir up inspiration.

So, what IS a Renaissance Woman?

Especially, a modern renaissance woman? Here are some women who are attempting to answer that question:

Revived after several years...

My children are grown, and I have some gray hair (although Miss Clairol conspires with me to keep most of it hidden). I figure it will take me at least another decade before I can even begin to say I have accomplished this goal. Of course, a goal like this is on going, and will end when I die. Will people then look back on my life and say, “Now there was a woman for all seasons”?

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