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get off of the blood pressure meds

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Maintained good BP for 2 weeks without Meds. Going to still monitor, as it is still slightly high some times, so I want to make sure it gets even better – but I am DONE with this goal. I AM MED FREE!


Keep walking! Keep eating apples and carrots and other good things! Yay, me – I’m doing it! No meds! Just eating healthy and doing a lot of walking!


Without meds. Diet and exercise are working.

Blood Pressure good for giving blood

Still a little high, but low enough to qualify to give blood!

A year and I STILL am not off of them

Last few weeks I’ve upped my exercise times, and it is really showing. Went back to tracking weight vs blood pressure on a spread sheet again, and that seems to be the best method for me. I like to see the trend lines on the graph. Something about being a business analyst, I think. Gotta chart those KPIs. :)

BP in the green two days

And without PB meds. I haven’t lost much weight (after having gained it back during the move) – but I’ve been exercising a lot, and it is showing! Most days I still have to take a half a pill, but I’m getting more and more days where I need only a quarter or none! On my way!

I DO really need my 1/2 pill :-(

I forgot to take my half pill one day, and my BP was definitely higher than with it. At the very highest end of “normal.” So, I will have to keep working on the weight and keep on the 1/2 pill for a bit longer. But at least it’s only 1/2 pill now and my BP wasn’t wildly into the red zone.

Down to half a pill

Lost 10 lbs; bp looked good during my last doctor’s visit. He said to start using 1/2 pill and see how it goes. My home bp monitor says looking good!

Need to keep exercising and losing weight and keeping the salt out of my food.

Nothing losing 30 lbs won't fix

I’m still in the relatively mild stage, so now is the time to act. I am so bad at remembering pills, so if I want to get rid of them, it’s time to pay for the sins of my youth and 1) eat right 2) exercise … and try to mellow my Type A personality out a bit more. :-) New Year. New Life. And we’re off and running!

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