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Tea Plants! Camellia Sinensis

Not going to be reliably hardy here; but maybe I will have a green house to winter them in? Love tea.

Got my 401K statement

I could borrow against it and have a small down payment. I still want to try for a smaller down payment, though. Still, nice to see that my 401K is actually making some money. And, that one is fully vested. This buying land thing might soon be possible!

Planning, Planning, Planning...

paying off old debt, refraining from creating new, cleaning up my credit – go, girl, go – we can do it! Beautiful day out today – cardinals and woodpeckers at the bird feeder. All things are possible!

Bee Keeping

Some interesting videos on bee keeping…

I’d love to have a few hives on our land. Enough for us to rob a bit of honey, but not enough to really be a commercial venture.

Getting Finances in Order

My hubby’s report is OK, except that the Jr’s med bills are showing up there. Wrote letters to the creditors to make sure they are reporting on the correct person’s credit report. Should be an easy fix.

MY report, however, is just not going to look that good for a while. 1 – I co-signed all the kids’ student loans. 2 – I still have gobs of medical bills – that I am paying, but that have all gone to collections because we just couldn’t afford it at the time (but, being in debt is still better than not having emergency surgery and being dead!).

Really working hard to hopefully buy a place in 2014. Hoping, hoping, hoping!

Beyond Organic Orchards
I’ve just discovered the works of Michael Phillips. He has a book on Holistic Orcharding that I am going to get myself for Christmas. It is so what I was starting to realize when I grew my little apple trees in Nevada – but wasn’t quite sure what I was trying to do – until I saw one of his Youtube videos:
I’m so glad I discovered this while still in the planning stages of my future orchard! Hoping to become a land owner in 2014!

Anyone out there?

After having this goal for over 5 years, it looks like I’m the only one writing about this goal? C’mon all you people heading down this journey – what are you doing to move you closer to accomplishing this goal?


For around $100K, looks like we can get 4 or 5 acres and a house from the 1960’s… the plan is slowly forming in our brains! 14 more Jeep payments and we will be very nearly debt free. Our income to debt ratio will be awesome and our credit will be moving back up. Yay!

Drove around the country side

Hubby and I took the long way to the recycle/garbage transfer station today – enjoyed seeing the autumn tree colors and cows in their pastures. I could feel his heart aching for a piece of land as much as mine is. It still was a good and beautiful ride, though, and it strengthened our resolve.

Writing a blog for people starting out with homesteading
It is just in it’s beginnings, so I’d really be interested in any type of feedback, but especially about what type of articles you’d like to see here. I homesteaded and was pretty self-sufficient in the Nevada High Desert. Now that we’ve moved 2500 miles, we are starting over. But many of the lessons learned are applicable or adaptable to anywhere.

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