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learn to cook. Really cook.

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I'm going to give up on this - again!

Too many other, more important things to do. It isn’t like we are starving or anything with the stuff we are eating. :)

Spending the day cooking

So that we can have yummy stuff all week… double batch of semi-home made spaghetti sauce, nuked sweet potatoes for later, pot of home made from scratch jambalaya with 90% fresh ingredients from the farmers market, steamed corn on the cob for later in the week, got together stuff for a crockpot pot roast for later in the week – just need to brown the meat and cut potatoes and dump it in the crockpot when I’m ready.

Apple sauce and apple pie in the crock pot

Ok, didn’t actually make the pie in the crock pot, but did make apple pie filling in it. Lots of apple stuff in the freezer. Yummy!

I love my crock pot!

A good friend is teaching me to make so much more than “just pot roast” in the crock pot. Lasagna? Pork Ribs? Who knew!

Do salads count?

Not talking about some pale iceberg lettuce drizzled in dressing – I’ve been making some awesome and healthy salads that often include spinach, carrots, blanched broccoli, pecans, dried cranberries, and much more. It doesn’t use a stove or oven, but I chop, dice, and slice! AND, it’s helping me lose weight, too!

Pot Roast

Ok, I can consistently make a decent pot roast in the crock pot now. Yay!

An Apron Really Helps

My girl friend’s mom made me an apron! Her mom is like my “other mom” – I always stay with her if I’m in town – so the fact that she made it for me is extra special. When I’m wearing it and cooking, I feel like I’m with family.

Unpacked and Inspired

One of my best friends stayed with me for a week. She’s an awesome cook, and she even made it fun. She advised me on what things I should have in the kitchen and she and her mom bought me a crock pot and a blender as a housewarming gift. So, we cooked like crazy when she was here:

  • Pulled Pork in the crock pot – so easy & so yummy!
  • Pot Roast in a crock pot – all these years I’ve cut up the meat, but she showed me that you really don’t have too
  • Lasagna, from scratch, with sauce made from scratch!
  • Banana Bread
  • Peach cobbler
So I’ve been doing some cooking since she’s been gone.
  • Penne Pasta with Chicken Alfredo – 100% from scratch!
  • Penne Chicken Noodle bake – tomato and sweet red & yellow bell pepper based
  • Nachos – with taco meat and all the fixin’s

I think I may actually enjoy some of it, if I’m not rushed. I’ll be starting my new job soon, though, so I won’t have time during the week any more. Still, it was kinda fun – and my DH and son both say that the food was edible!

Packing my kitchen

so I can move; so won’t be doing this for a while. That’s a good thing!

Enchildada Caserol

Too much rice, but definitely edible. I’ve made this a few times, and they’ve all been edible, and even reasonably good – but still haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

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