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Move to Tennessee

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Asian Food Generally Only Sort of OK

Well, yes, I am spoiled, having grown up just a few hours from San Francisco’s Clement Street and Oakland’s China Town. But even by Nevada standards, the Asian food here is only so-so. Maybe I will have to learn to cook?

On the other hand, local donut place A, and the IHOP is one of the best ones I’ve eaten at (they seem to be hit or miss, in my opinion – either great or NOT). Great service at both, too.

Outback good as expected. Now, to find a good Mexican restaurant.

I guess you can see where our priorities are! (Has something to do with the fact that I don’t know how to cook?)

Recon trip

Out in TN for vacation… checked out the unemployment department, getting resumes together, ran around different neighborhoods, talking to people about the local job situation… still a ways from actually being able to move, but we’re starting the foundation! One step at a time (appeals to the project manager in me).

Reopening this goal

Not sure when or how, but – It’s back on the list!

On the back burner for the moment...

The Army is changing my life in both subtle and dramatic ways. Until that all settles out, I don’t think I’m doing any radical changes…

Extending time frame...

especially if my husband is accepted into the Army… and, I have to pay down/pay off more debt in any event.

Some Things to DO

The GOAL is to move in 18 months to 2 years

  • Start files for the different counties
  • Send for info from the various chambers
  • Look up GA airports in the area
  • Look up 99’s, EAA and AOPA members in the area
  • Start reading my TN Farm Report emails again
  • Subscribe to some local newspapers
  • Plan a vacation to North Central TN
  • Start updating my garden journals with parallel info for TN
  • Keep saving money & getting out of debt
  • Keep de-junking my home (we are NOT going to bring 2 year old paid bills to TN like we did to NV!)

Crossed Kentucky off the List

So, we’ve narrowed it down to definitely Tennessee.

Starting to get info packets back from chambers of commerce. I’m going to be an expert at Tennessee pretty soon. I soooo miss living in The South.

Next, time to plan a vacation there. It’s been years since we’ve owned property there and visited on a semi-regular bases. I can’t wait to see those rolling green hills again.

Got a listing of Chambers of Commerce

Next step is to write to them and ask for their relocation packages.

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