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lose weight

4 cheers


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knickee has written 47 entries about this goal

Day 33

I have lost 12 pounds so far!
Cant wait to hit 20.
Good luck to everyone trying to reach their goal!

Day 19

I got a little sidetracked.
But I am back on this goal.
So far in total I have lost 6 pounds.
I didnt reach my July 13th goal.
So I am going to set new Goals.
July 27 -230
August 3- 222

Day 5

So I am back on this.
I have so far lost 4 pounds.
My goals
July 13 – 232
July 27- 224

Day 3

Today was okay
Not great , Not bad.
Still being lazy .
My mom bought the p90x
or something like that today.
She said were going to start it
Next week so well see how that goes.
I need to drink more water
After this im going to try to drink
about 40 ounces.
But anyways hope everyone is reaching their goal.

Day 2

Today was good
still havent exercised.
God im such a procrastinator.
But yea i didnt drink as much water today
as i did yesterday.
So I need to work on that.
But yea im going to weigh myself on friday
to see the progress.
I hope everyone’s doing good.

Day 1 (agian)

Everthing I have ate today :
Waffles and strawberries
Wheat thins
Brocolli and carrots
I did awesome today on the food side
I didnt really workout but i will tomorrow.
My goal right now is lose about 20 pounds by August 23.
Well see how that goes.

bad news

I gained back 14 pounds
since April 11 when i lost 25 pounds .
I need to get back on track.
This weeks goal is to lose 3 or 4 pounds.
I need to lose atleast 25 more pounds before school starts.

Starting over Day 1

Woke up super late today
So didnt eat breakfast
Lunch i had some tomato soup = 240 cal
And dinner i plan to have
Salad and Tilipia = 300 cal
If i get hungry after that then
Ill probably have some watermelon = 50 cal
So hopefully todays total of cal is going to be about 600 cal
Also i want to drink about 8 glasses of water.
Hope everyone has a nice day!


Lost a couple pounds this week so
now total weight lose is 27 pounds.
Next weeks goal is to lose about 4 pounds.


I am such a slacker.
still havent lost any weight,
since the last update.
i really need to do good this weekend.

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