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Seaside Development

Have been steadily developing in Seaside for the last several weeks. I love this environment; it’s perfect for the kind of portal project I’m working on.

Seaside things to learn:
  • How do you do SSL connections, for login pages & such?
  • I need to start reusing the existing components (columnar reports, paginated lists, validated forms, other various decorators).
Things that are intimidating me:
  • Database persistence layer, through MySQL or an OO database. So far, I’ve just been doing very basic persistence through saving it in the image, just for development, but I’ll need this layer soon.
  • Users and Permission systems. Pier has a unix-like permission system, but it’ll take some doing to figure it out and integrate with my app.
  • I need some kind of page templating system (again, gotta investigate how Pier does it).
  • Lack of proper REST support is troublesome. Maybe I can throw something together, here..
Squeak Questions to investigate:
  • Ok, this is so simple, but how do you do a Search & Replace inside a code browser window?
  • How do you.. well, delete or garbage-collect objects? Say I have a component that’s tracking a list of shopping items. When I delete an item off the list, it still exists in memory, and examining allInstances of that class turns up that item. What still references it? How do I make it disappear?
  • How to set up STOR / version control.

Installed Squeak and Seaside

First step—installed Squeak and Seaside, played around with the Count example application.

Questions to self:
  • Ok, you can edit the ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’ methods from within the code browser in the Halo. How do you edit it from a code browser inside Squeak itself? It seems to accept the changes, but they don’t reflect in the running app. Is it because I’m using a “snapshot” of the package?
  • What does the ‘WA’ prefix in front of all these Seaside classes stand for?

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