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Create the worlds largest Robot corporation

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konhachi has written 3 entries about this goal

25 Days In...

Haven’t really done much towards this goal. I’m not even sure if I still want to pursue it since it seems less entertaining to me now then becoming a writer. I guess I’ll keep this goal up here though in case I do decide to get back to working on this.

I mean, a giant robot corporation would be cool and all, but the work involved getting there would be pretty boring. I’d rather work on a novel instead.

Guess I’ll see what happens…

11 Days In:

I can’t honestly say I’ve made much progress on this front. But hey, this is a long term goal and even minor progress is important right? Wish I could say I’d made some sort of minuscule amount of progress but I really don’t think I have.

I’m being too lazy! Guess I should reassess my business plan or something. And by “reassess” I mean “make one up since I never bothered to make one in the first place.”

I guess before I can make much headway on this front I’ll need to improve on a few other things. Like say, my knowledge of Robotics.

This goal is not impossible, damn it!

So it begins...

I am going to create the company that will be the largest manufacturer of robotics for all practical applications.

At least, that’s the goal. :)

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