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I wrote two letters to friends that I have not been in contact with for three months! Already heard back from my one friend who was super excited about it!

Just the other day...

I wrote two letters! One to my grandparents who sent me a card for my birthday, and one to my aunt who also sent me a birthday card! I filled them in on my life and hopefully I get some nice letters back too :)


I wrote a letter to my sister the other day, all about school! She got it and was super excited :)

I just sent one off!

I sent one to my good friend on Monday after recieving one back from her :) She leaves for Europe soon and I will send her some letters there too! Hopefully I’ll get a postcard!

one more :)

I wrote one more letter today to my good friend. I love sending letters to her and love getting them back! She writes in this beautiful flowery writing style that makes me smile from ear to ear. I can hear her saying the words in my head and I try to write like her when I write my letters.

Thank you, Friend :)

4 letters!

I wrote 4 letters last week to my friends from college! And I even got one back :) I have 3 more to write this week I think! I’m doing them tomorrow, since I don’t work!

Its Official

I officially sent out 5 letters today :) WOOHOO!

Getting Started

So I was talking to my aunt about writing letters to my friends who are away at college and she says, “I have tons of cute stationary that you can have!” So now I’m all set! I got a list of all of my friends addresses and I’m going to start writing them later today! :) :)

Edit: I have written 5 so far and have 3 to go… It feels so good :)

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