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One done and one to go

Now for sock #2. Love this!

First sock class last night

And all was going well until I got home. Then I accidently pulled one of my needles completely out and couldn’t pick up all my stitches from that row. I tried to rip it back a row and still had issues. I ended up giving up and will start completely over tonight. Frustrating!

Knitting Class News- A sock project class!

Last night at knitting class the instructor mentioned that she had a friend that might be interested in teaching a sock class. If she does, I’m going to be first in line to sign up for that one! I hope to find out next week.

Wahoo! I'm knitting

And purling. My first class was last Monday and the time just flew by. I had such a great time. It was like riding a bike and it all came back to me. I even learned how to bind off, though not completely sure I’m doing it correctly. I will find out next Monday. Since then I’ve completed one dish cloth with just knit stitches and now and half way through another which includes both knit and purl. I’m getting pretting comfortable with this and hope to move on to more difficult patterns soon. I am learning how to actually read the patterns, which for me has been the biggest challenge!

Signed up for a class

It starts next Monday and runs for three weeks. By the end I will be able to bind off, increase and decrease stitches and read a pattern – all things I have never done (by myself in recent history). Yeah! I’m doing this!

Took a beginner knitting refresher - Jan 24

Had a beginner knitting DVD that is really good. I watched it tonight and practiced knitting and purling for about an hour. It has been so long since I learned but it came right back. I think I’m ready to pull out the sock pattern and see how that goes.


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