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figure out if i'm pregnant...?


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could i be pregnant ?

on march 23 me and my boyfriend had sex.. twice with a condom and twice without ..we used the pull out method also… i have missed my period already and i had my period two or three weeks before i had i am more than a week late..i got my friend to buy me the clear blue digital pregnancy test and it both of then said not pregnant two days later i went to the health department and they gave me a pregnancy test and they said im not pregnant ..than i got put on birthcontrol that same day..the nurse told me im suppose to have my period nxt week and im worried that i want and i have been eating alot of food lately and urinatiing more than what i usually do thats the only symptoms i have so far..should i go back if i dont have my period next week or should i just not worry about it..if someone could please answer my question


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