krini in Seattle is doing 30 things including…

Lose 20 pounds

16 cheers


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krini has written 17 entries about this goal

after a few years away, I'm back

I am back!
Married, with baby (and baby weight).

I used this site years ago to figure out how to get myself on track. So here I am again.

20 pounds.

My birthday is in May.

I don’t want anymore tears about this.

worked out with one of the girls from work yesterday morning

And kick boxing class is tonight! Weeee

weighed myself

I weigh ( ( 9.

Worked out for an hour with the trainer. 30 minutes of cardio after that.

Gut be gone dammit

gained back the two pounds I lost


It’s all the damn beer I consume on the sailboat. This boyfriend is bad for my diet. I think I need to take control and make dinner at my house more often.

personal training appointment on Monday`

professional assistance to whooping my ass.

I'm a badass hiking mamacita

Tiger Mountain. Wooohaaa!

Next week, it’s Mt. Si. That one should whoop my ass proper.

this is a sub goal to the larger one

I’m racing the new boyfriend to lose 15 pounds. The winner gets to go shopping on the loser’s dime for some sexy new clothes.

We started yesterday. I think I might get my butt kicked on this one. I think I have started to date someone as competitive as I am. But the upshot is I have someone to do this with me as a team and hold my lazy ass accountable.

I battled the afternoon sugar craving and won today

Woohoo! This is huge, because the more good progress the easier it is to be healthy, and sleep well, and do all the things I need to do.


And at this rate, I might even get to wear this fabulous pair of pants I bought last year but couldn’t wear because I can’t zip them. I’m about 10 lbs away from being able to comfortably wear them in public.

lost another pound!

That’s 3. in a week and a half.

17 more to go. If this same pace keeps up, it should be somewhere around the first week of September. Just in time for a business trip to San Diego.



Lost two pounds.

krini has gotten 16 cheers on this goal.


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