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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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67. 43things

67. Finally being able to log on to my 43things page after it being “broke” for over 3 weeks! I could give cheers via Zeitgeist but couldn’t access my page. :( Looks like it’s back on track right now – yay!


62. finding a new job in time!
63. Cadbury cream eggs (it’s that time of year again!)
64. find new titles for my “to read” list
65. beating procrastination
66. learning a new, fun game


57. President Obama
58. my purple shoes
59. atcs and other art for stress relief
60. Christian Bale
61. the hilarious code names S and I give our coworkers


47. Completing goals on 43Things
48. Finishing author goals on ListsofBests
49. Castiel on Supernatural
50. Game night with the family
51. seeing NKOTB after 19 years and still squealing over Joey!
52. a weekend with nothing to do
53. the first snow of winter
54. carving pumpkins
55. crossing things off my to do list
56. cuddling with Demi and Arty


45. seeing a preview for Indiana Jones 4 yesterday for the first time. SQUEE!!!!
46. handing in my stat final and being done with class for a few weeks


38. hanging out with my brother
39. my digital camera
40. pretty patterned paper
41. the winter carnival
42. finetune.com
43. Angel season 6 comic
44. icicles

30-37 (ouch! it's been awhile since I last updated this!)

30. Playing hooky from work
31. Christmas decorations and colored lights!
32. discovering a new author/interesting series
33. the satisfactory feeling after a really intense workout
34. secret santa presents
35. Davanni’s deep dish
36. fresh snow
37. LOLsecretz.com


29. the new season of Supernatural starting tonight!

tee hee!

28. Cat macros

Honestly, I could spend all day surfing online for cat macros and giggling uncontrollably.


19. “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina and the Waves
20. Starting every Sunday morning with PostSecret
21. Orange flavored Cadbury eggs
22. Finding a kick-ass pair of new shoes
23. Realizing I’m satisfied with my life right now instead of regreting making or not making certain choices in the past
24. libraries!
25. Supernatural and Jensen Ackles
26. Unexpectedly getting let out of night class early
27. Baking cookies

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