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Look as exciting as I feel.

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nailing this

i may not be as bold as Man Repeller http://www.manrepeller.com/ but i’ve gotten pretty comfortable expressing my own style. It will be an on-going exercise but i think its safe to say, i’ve got this one, B.

got it

i’ve really spread my wings with this one, though not as often as i’d like. for a while i was doing a killer job day-to-day but now that the weather is getting chillier i’m less inclined to cute/stylish/fashionable and more to “cold homeless woman wearing 5 layers” with my hair in a ponytail.
i did pull out a pretty killer combo for a posh party recently…


in the winter this is pretty hard since i hate being cold and usually wrap myself in as many lumpy layers as possible, but a friend of mine has inspired me to try a little harder on this.

Let’s see how this winter goes…

got ma hair did

maybe this is the anti-thesis of my goal, but 2 months ago I chopped off my hair cos I was having personal problems but it totally worked. Everyone who saw it complimented me and even the crotchetty cow in the office told me I looked more mature and adult. I love it and rather than tying my hair back in a pony tail all the time, I actually do things with it!


I play darts and the last few weeks I’ve been showing up in “normal clothes” as my captain calls them – jeans and t-shirts or tank tops. I guess I’m doing a good job on this if people get suprised to see me in “normal clothes”... oh, and for darts yesterday I wore a lime green dress and my hair up and retro

its spring

the clothes are getting smaller and fewer and I look like crap. I definately need a hair cut, maybe color, bangs might be nice….

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