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Renovate my bathroom

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We have finally finished our bathroom renovation. Unfortunately, someone else really gets to enjoy it, but it is still mine for the next two weeks. :)

I will have to take a couple of photos and post them on my Flickr account later.

made a purchase

My wife and I plopped down $290 for a vanity, top, and faucet tonight. Her father and I will work to finish up this project either tomorrow or Saturday. This will be one big thing off the list of things we have to do before we can close on the sale of our house.

under three weeks

I have just under three weeks, if everything goes smoothly, to finish up our bathroom renovation before it belongs to someone else. We need to finish a little bit of wallpaper cleanup and put in a new vanity.

vanity work

My wife and I went by Lowe’s tonight after work to figure out how we want to handle the vanity. We have decided that we are going to go with a 24” vanity instead of the 30” vanity that was there previously. This way, the vanity does not butt directly up to the shower and prevents water damage to the vanity now that we have a shower curtain instead of doors.

Because of this change, we will have to do a little tile work to fill in around the base of the vanity. I believe we are going to go with a decorative tile with a Greek Key look which will match the wallpaper that is on the wall.

Shower complete

The shower renovation is now complete. The work on this was done by FastBath this past Friday. It looks great. I need to take a picture and post it soon.

removed the vanity

My father-in-law came over this morning and we removed the old vanity in the bathroom. This has to be done before the company can come in next week to do the work on the shower.

This work turns out to be well worth it. The old drain pipes were metal and they had rusted out pretty bad on the inside over the 30+ years that the house has been around. I put my thumb through one of the p-trap pieces when I was taking it apart this morning.

Ready for installation

The company who is redoing the shower called today to let us know that the custom built shower is ready for installation. Because of my work schedule and the holidays, however, it will not be installed until December 2nd.

I will be working the Friday after Thanksgiving on the vanity. It has to be removed before the shower can be installed. We will be replacing the old vanity with a new one that includes drawers and a new one-piece Corian top with molded sink.

Bathroom renovation

My wife and I recently found some water damage on the underside of our floor when we were in the basement. We found that our shower had just started leaking. Because of this, we have decided to renovate the bathroom.

The first step was to get someone in to give us an estimate on completely redoing the shower area. It is a domed shower done in tile currently. We are having someone come in who is going to cover the existing tile in acrylic. It will be one smooth surface all the way around including the ceiling.

We went to our local Lowe’s tonight and got some pricing on a new vanity and basin. We will be taking out the old vanity and installing the new one ourselves.

Everything should look pretty good when we are finished with it.

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