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read all the books on my bookshelves

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I have one more book in my “borrowed” pile, but right now I am reading a book from my own collection. Once I have read the borrowed book, I plan to go through my book collection, weed out all the books I haven’t read, decide whether I want to read them or ditch them, then start this project in earnest.


I currently have 4 books in my “to read next” pile, and none of them are from my bookshelf. Sigh. Two are books borrowed from friends, and two are books I bought when I ran out of Patricia McKillip books to borrow from my husband.

Maybe I need to sit down one day and pull all the books off our bookshelves that are mine and still unread. Then I will have to decide: am I going to read this, or should I just give up and get rid of it now? There are plenty of things I’m holding on to simply because I’m a packrat, and that’s a horrible reason for them to be taking up valuable space in my home and my life.


This continues to be impossible. Just when I’m about to finish one book, I’m tempted by new books, or new-to-me books, or other peoples’ books. It doesn’t help that my two new favorite hangouts are bookstores, and I made a pact with my husband that we’ll spend more time there. Sigh.

I can’t say that I’m overly disappointed by the accrual of new books, of course. I still want to read all the books I own, some day… but I’m starting to realize that it’s probably one of those goals I’ll never actually accomplish.

No harm in trying, though. :)


This is difficult to do when I acquire books (either through buying or borrowing) faster than I can read them….

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