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With November fast approaching, this will be turning into a reality once more. Maybe this year I’ll write something actually worth revising and trying to publish. Even if I don’t publish it, though, I’ll definitely have a 50,000 word draft by December 1st.


Does a rough draft count? No, I guess it has to be a finished book. Ah well. I’m starting on my next one as soon as I recover from NaNoWriMo, so hopefuly this one will actually be worth rewriting. We shall see in a few months!

NaNoWriMo 2006

I gave up within the first week two years ago – let’s see how I do this year. I actually have an idea already that is stewing in the back of my mind, and plenty of months to further prepare and inspire myself. In addition, my husband is also planning to participate, which should help motivate me (although FFXII is releasing on 10/31 and it may interfere with his ability to concentrate in November…)

Right now I’m hoping for a shiny new Macbook as a Halloween present to further motivate me. I have visions of myself lounging in coffee shops with my new toy and a latte whenever I have moments of free time. I’m excited! :)

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