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arhhhhhhhhhhh so sick of my so called best friend.

havent heard from her in about 2 weeks. last time i saw her was a month ago. and the only reason i spoke to her 2 weeks ago is because i called her. what the hell is wrong with her?!!!????

when we do speak she still refers to me as her best friend but truth is i feel closer to people i have known for a much shorter time and im beginning to think they understand me better.

she used to be so outgoing, kind and also used to say whatever she was thinking.
although she does have a boyfriend he does live on the otherside of the world so there is no excuse that she is busy with him…and anyway i dont think its alot to ask to see your best friend once a week or at least hear from them! i have friends who are in love with boyfriends and doesnt mean they dont make the effort to catchup.
she has turned so introverted and doesnt seem to be interested in anything except work and her distant boyfriend.

it still hurts to remember what we had. but i dont think i can continue like this. i need a best friend who will be there. (i think at this stage i know who they are). this friend acts like she will be made of honor at my wedding. but if i was getting married now, i really doubt i will choose her.


im becoming my own best friend :-)

sometimes your bestfriend are those who you dont realize

im starting to realize that my cousion angela is my bestfriend. throught my life i gained and lost friends but she has always been there. if there is one thing for certain she will always be there for me and love me no matter what happens. she is 5 years older than me and i have to say she is my sister. we have grown up together. im just so grateful and happy that im realizing i do have someone there for me.
things have fallen apart with my old best friend, and im tired of these situations. also im glad and so grateful to have my mum. she will forever be my bestfriend, as she cares so much for me and always wants to listen to me. it sounds so stupiud but im just plain grateful. im happy ive been blessed and finally realized it!


so she finally called. whats funny about not having your best friend around is you feel like its a break up. i wish i didnt have to speak to her anymore cause then i could just move or for some reason i want to argue with her. i want something to happen- right now our relationship just feels numb


im not as close to my old best friend and i feel really lonely. we dont have anything to talk about anymore. I want to call her but i feel like i cant. I find myself not wanting to tell her anything anymore

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