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fix the state of public education in america

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I’ve decided to mark this goal as “done” for the simple reason that there is NO possibility that it can ever be ‘done’. Coming up with ideas is one thing but implementing them is another thing,,,and that is out of my power. One can only hope that taxpayers and parents will come to their senses some day soon.


One of the local public high schools recently did a revision of the curriculum for the English Dept. They made the decision to cut a number of the classics based on the fact that “nobody reads those old things anymore’. DUH. One of their choices was to replace “Pride and Prejudice” written by the incomparable Miss Austen. The book they chose to replace it was a selection from Oprah’s Book Club. Need I say more?

Step Two

There are many fine teachers in our public schools. However, there is also a serious amount of “dead wood” in there, also. Primarily this is because of the concept of “tenure.” Is there another profession in the world where as long as you can hold on to the job for three years it is yours forever. Unless, of course, you have sex with a student. If tenure were abolished, it would not affect the good theachers. They could have jobs anywhere. But it would weed out the bad ones by not guaranteeing them unlimited future employment.

Step One,,,

,,,,uniforms for all,,,from kindergarten to 12th grade,,,first day of school to last,,,schools that have tried this report improvement in both grades and behavior,,,

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