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Happy Saturday!!

I felt so good going into work on saturday morning without a hangover! :)
I just paced myself with the drinks, and stuck to lighter drinks as opposed to the vodka and shots I usually have

I'm limiting myself

to only 2 drinks per night out. Because on thursday night I had 3 vodkas in the space of 3 hours and I woke up with a hangover. I have no idea how. I’m obviously just a lightweight

Saturday night

Only had 4 drinks. Only 5% alcohol per drink. I’m pretty happy with that

The last few weeks have been good...ish...

I don’t feel like I’m hungover the next day anyway which is an improvement, so I think I’m drinking as much. I don’t think I’m able to handle the heavy partying like I used to be able to. Halloween is going to be a major test for me, with all the parties happening. We’ll see how my will power copes…

Here we go again...

Back down this road…

I’m getting way too old for the constant partying and alcohol fuelled nights…

Ok well I’m still very young, but I just can’t deal with the hangovers and lack of sleep in work the next day! I used to be able to manage, but I can’t anymore. Plus I’ll save alot of money.

Only 2 drinks at the weekend

So pleased with myself =)


Back down this road again…


Why can’t I stop?? Last weekend was probably the worst weekend I’ve had in a long long time. Alcohol and me just don’t mesh. I know Idrank more than usual because I was stressed out, and then people kept on offering to buy me drinks so I couldn’t say no. I’ve learnt my lesson though, and am definitely not going out for a long while, so I won’t be drinking


Only had 2 drinks on saturday night, so proud!:)


so I’m going out for a meal with friends on saturday and probably to a pub/club afterwards, so it’s going to be a big test for me. I don’t want to stop drinking altogether, I just want to know when to stop!

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