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Draft 1... Done.

I completed my first draft today. It was pretty exciting. I emailed it to my sister so she can print it out on her fancy printing machine and bring it out to me in a few weeks when she comes to visit. I called FedexKinkos to get some quotes on binding the draft for me so I can pass it around for reviews, get it copyrighted and eventually submit it for publication. I’m going to do a cheap coil binder option on the first run so i can get some feedback. Once I get the feedback, I’ll make some edits then put a little more money into getting a nice binded print out to submit. There’s one publisher who I think the project is ideal for, so in the meantime of having the draft ready for semi-public reviewing, I’m working on putting a formal proposal together to present to the publishing company. Lucky for me, they accept unsolicited material.

End of the year...

I’ve been working on my book and developing the idea for the last few months, and now I am putting it into action. I have made it a personal goal to have a prototype in my hand by the end of 2008. It won’t be anything fancy, but something physical that I can hold in my hands. I’m looking into having it printed at a Kinkos or somewhere like that.

Still working on it...

I am still working on developing my book. I am planning to take a course in the fall which I am hopeful will give me a more educated background on the topic. I also need to learn grammar. I already know how I want the book to look and function, but I don’t feel confident yet in my authority to publish it. I am still just as excited though and I believe it will be a successful venture.


I’ve been so busy with writing speeches and papers for school that I’ve kind of put this on the back burner. It sucks though, because this is where I want to put my energy, but I’m paying too much for school, so you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m no where near giving up, I’ll get it going again.

Still going...

I’m still working on my book, and am still super excited. I have the cover work designed and I think it’s awesome!! I just started school at a University and turns out my teacher is a book publisher. I talked with her a while after class and she seemed to think my book was a great idea. I’ll keep working on it and perhaps I can submit it to her by the time class is over.

Keeps on going...

I just did a mock up design of how I imagine my cover to look, and found a publisher who I think my book would be a great asset for. This is so much fun. My head keeps spinning with ideas. I LOVE IT!!!


I have more than started writing my first book. I have the first draft complete and I have some family members testing it out. It is a workbook, so there wasn’t a ton to write, but so far it’s exactly what I want it to be. I am now starting to research publishing options. It’s not even near that point yet, but I’d like to be prepared for when it is. I am very excited about this goal!

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