landslide in Toronto is doing 28 things including…

don't smoke pot for two months

8 cheers


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Forks over knives

Mind over matter.
I just watched this very inspiring film, the subject line for my post. It made me realize how much my poor consumption choices are affecting my health. I want to make the right choices for optimal health. Life can be easily enjoyed in many ways that I am not experiencing right now.

edit: the effect of this film lasted only so long. I am resuming this goal beginning July 24

1 year

I could have completed this goal 6 times by now! I haven’t even accomplished 1/2 this goal. When I want to smoke pot, my motivation to not smoke pot alludes me. I definitely need to consider my motivations more carefully when desiring a high.

May 15 – Some of my friends have stopped smoking pot, effortlessly. I need to stop focusing on this goal and focus elsewhere, letting this goal naturally happen.

Such a great goal

I can’t wait to complete this goal!
Mar 8 – May 8

Ok. Mar 11-May11

Things I say to myself before I get high…
“I don’t care about this goal”
“It’s not that bad for me”

Mar 16-May16
It would also help to stop drinking!

Mar 20-May 20

Mar 23-May 23
This just looks like a joke.

Mar 27 -May 27
Not a very funny joke.

June 4, 2012

Today I had one of the most fun nights of my life. I biked to a large park in the evening, after it had rained. It was a bit chilly, so I wore a jacket. In the park I found a semi-secluded area and did some yoga. It was on a grass area, surrounded by bushes and near some fountains. I had warmed up from biking, and decided I would be more comfortable if I took off my jacket and pants to do yoga. After yoga, I waded in the fountains. I really wanted to swim for a bit, so I took off my shirt. It felt so amazing to be swimming outdoors, to be in my underwear, to be in public yet alone.

This evening came after an afternoon of drinking some beer and smoking weed. I think drinking and smoking a bit is good for taking off the edge of inhibition and provoking creative thought. However, I feel I can also come to this state naturally. So my goal remains for tomorrow to stop smoking pot for two months and to drink less, and one of my new goals is to swim in the fountain again within the next two months, naked and sober.

Update: 13/6 – I will stop smoking weed and drinking for two months, and possibly forever.

Edit: 20/6 – What is the breaking point? I could have been finished this goal by now. I don’t want to be a pothead.

Note: 4/11 – I could have completed this goal three times by now, and I don’t even need to DO anything to complete it.

Jan 1, 2013. So cliche.

I don't want to get high, so high

It’s almost 4/20, and I’m going to celebrate my first day sober from weed. After two months I will re-evaluate this goal. I think the most difficult part of this challenge is going to be remembering that I’m not smoking weed.

I also fully intend to give myself bonus points if I don’t drink for two months, because that would be a cool thing to do.

Some motivation—acting like yourself; making good choices; embracing life

Update – 4/25 will be the starting date for this goal. I feel that this is a really important goal for me to complete ASAP

Edit – 5/1 – a day of change

Amendment – 5/7 – i am giving up alcohol for two months to help me complete this goal

Damn – 5/25 – I should have been sober more than a month now. I need a lifestyle change. I can change in every moment and make the right choice for myself

6/3 This is an easy goal to complete.

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