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Do the Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge


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Last Class of the Challenge!

It was a good one! I’ve come a long way in the thirty days. I can consistently get into standing-bow-pulling alongside the rest of the class, and stay there a while before falling out. I’m even occasionally falling forward. I’m flirting with holding the second set the whole time, which is what, 30 seconds? I amaze myself! I think back to when I couldn’t even grab my ankle without digging my nails into my skin; blood was shed over this pose.

I’m also making fabulous progress with floor bow. For about a week I’ve been able to wiggle and shimmy my way into holding both ankles. Momentarily I’ve drawn my knees in and lifted. But that gets old about the same time as I realize I’m doing it. For now my goal is to hold both ankles until the instructor says change.

The best quote of the night, from across the room: Is this the part where you turn the air-conditioner on?

Bow Pose

Today I got into bow during both classes! I’m still taking a bit of a moment and struggle, but I get there, in my own time. I have to grab my ankles separately, then shimmy my knees in.

floor bow!

Last thursday I got into floor bow for about two seconds, for the first time ever. For two seconds I was with the rest of the class, trying to arch up and balance on the soft part of my stomach. It felt awesome!

Doubling down

I’ve already had to do one double to make up for the night I went to get my hair cut. I missed two classes this week, so now I have two more classes floating about un-taken! Both times I’ve done double classes I’ve done back-to-back; I want to do at least one of these morning and afternoon. B2B classes are exhausting. Morning sets left me knackered the rest of the day, so maybe 4,6 and home to shower, eat and lay in bed is the better way.

I think I’ll do Friday night, which will be fine since I’m rather broke anyway, then double on thursday evening, since Friday is typically an easy day at work.

Oh dear.

I will have to do at least one double to make-up for a planned over-night stay in NYC. Maybe I’ll do a 9/4 instead of back to back. If I do it back to back I will be sure to change my top, at least. You can get even more sweaty!

This is my second go round!

I’ve already done this once. (I even have the certificate!) But this time I’m going to publicly acknowledge my intentions. My name is on the board and I will be doing it as part of a group effort at my studio. There’s no reason I can’t do this a second time!


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