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improve my communication skills


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willing to help, while being in need

this was the first goal that i set for myself in hoping to change for the better. graduating has been MUCH harder than expected and i was embarrassed to admit that fact. but i knew that if i opened up, i would find people in similar situations. while i stayed silent for about 3 months out of fear, i began having anxiety attacks and suffered depression because of the problems in my life. that was when i knew i had a problem. after extended periods of time failing to get out of bed, not eating right, drinking too much, missing work… i knew it was time to make a change. i tried to do this by myself because i thought i was strong enough. that’s when i realized i wasn’t getting better. in fact i was getting worse. so i let it all out on the table with friends and family and now, more and more (including this post) having been trying to make aquaintances/complete strangers aware that the best thing you can do is communicate and get help. it opens up the world. while i’m sure many people are not as extreme as this, use me as a catalyst. if i can do it, think how easy it will be for you. and if you are suffering as much, know that there is something better and it is you! as cliche as it is, it is true. a better life exists for everyone. myself included. i am worried that i have now lost my filter entirely and that is weeding people out. it is good to know who your true friends are, but while i hope to be authentic, i don’t want to scare people. although, in my opinion, the best lessons are the hardest learned… which is something that has taken me 23 years and 11 months to learn.


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