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Save up six months worth of living expenses

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back to square one

it depresses me a bit that everytime i feel like i’m getting somewhere, something comes up that requires me to use my savings. i was doing so well for the past two months when i suddenly had to withdraw everything and use them for that trip to singapore in october. =( now, i’ve stashed 10K in my account and hopefully, i won’t need to use that money in istanbul. =) i really really really want to seriously start saving for the big move to singapore next year because i’m really really gonna need the funds while i’m job-hunting.

tit for tat

i will try to match in savings how much i pay for my credit card every month. that means that for this pay end date, i will pay 7k credit card, next pay end date, 7k savings. =) hopefully, this balances that cashflow statement.

back to square one

this time now, i’m serious about this goal. i got a deposit envelope from hsbc last week and i wrote down the amount i want to deposit by the end of the month so far, i have 220 bucks. haha. i plan to commit a certain amount of money to filling the envelope everyday. =)

deposit number 1

i’m depositing $20 tomorrow for this goal. i know it’s not much, but it’s a start. we all have to start somewhere, right? if i didn’t have boracay to worry about at the end of the month, i would put more in this account and pay more of my debts. but since i’ll be going for a holiday on an island far away from civilization, i have to be liquid till then. (ok, i know i said no vacation leaves till i finish my personal challenge, but i meant it as no vacation leaves until the personal challenge is over, which it isn’t. 45 days to go and after that, no more vacation leaves till i pay my debts.)

where and how to start

i don’t know how to start with this goal because i still have those damn debts to pay. i promise, i’m going to stash a huge chunk of my 13th month pay and then start stashing at least $200 a month after. i’ll cross out this goal as soon as i stash $1200 away.

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