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live in NYC

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Must live in NYC

I want to live in NYC in my thirties, if not my late twenties. :)

Oh Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. :)

Watching SATC...

..will remind me of why I want to live in NYC in the first place. Hmm. Good thing my boyfriend wants to live in NY someday as well. I wonder how this wish to the universe will manifest itself.

interview for a job in NY

Tomorrow, I have an interview for a possible job in NY. Pray for the best!

first step:november 23

yesterday, i sent my application for the DV-2009 lottery visa. i’m trying not to think so much about it, but i’m hoping for the best. i’ll find out about the results in 5-7 months(May-July 2008). :)

first step

on October 3!! =)

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