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another chance


Where do I start?

After 2 and a half years in my current job, I found out 2 months ago that I have little more than a month in the role as my job is about to be further offshored elsewhere. I managed to get a contract job with the projects team until Feb 2011, so now I have a few more months to find a more permanent job I love.

I intend to make full use of the coming months to really be honest with myself and really find a job more suited to my purpose. I really hope I get that job in Operations——I already interviewed and I’ve already been shortlisted before the headcount review. Oh well, at least I have time to beef up my project management skills in my contract role.

Ok, that’s all for now.

no words

There are no words to express how much I loathe my current job. I am seriously not learning anything new anymore nor am I motivated to do anything anymore. Quitting in 60 days, I promise.


i have an idea of the kinds of industries that i want to work in: fashion or publishing. i fancy doing merchandising or marketing work for a multinational fashion retail company or perhaps styling fashion editorials each month. i also think i’d do well in a marketing job—-like coming up with strategies for brand or product marketing. i don’t know what about IT i cannot stand. i just don’t see the tangible value that IT brings to a business. haha.

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